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We have a well-developed infrastructure with an in-house laboratory equipped with all modern testing instruments such as Optical Emission Spectrometer, Ultrasonic Testing Machine and Magnetic Particle Testing Device etc. We are in a strong position to offer our clients the widest range of cast and machined components.


  • 500 kg/250 kw Electro them Induction Furnace.
  • 300 kg/250 kw Electro them Induction Furnace.
  • Tea spout ladles upto 550 kg capacity.


  • 500 kg High Speed sand mixer. - 2 No.
  • 100 kg core sand mixer - 1 No
  • Continuous Sand Mixer: 30MT/Hr.-1No.
  • Continuous Sand Mixer: 10MT.Hr.-1No.
  • Sand Reclamation Unit: 8MT/Hr.-1No.
  • Sand systems: Alkaline Phenolic (2 Part)
  • Dust Collectors: 4 Dust Collectors from DISA make for pollution risk free in the foundry.


  • Capacity: 400 MT/Month
  • Weight Range: 25 kgs. - 3400 kgs. single piece wt.
  • Maximum Size: 2500mm x 2000mm
  • Area under Crane: 12,500 Sq.m (Total area: 20,400 Sq.m)
  • EOT Cranes: 16 Nos.(Ranging from 1MT to 15MT)
  • Max.Lifting Capacity: 15 MT
  • Stand by power: 250 KVA Greaves DG Set
  • Weigh Scales: Weighing scales of capacity 0.5 MT, 1MT, SMT & 60 MT (Weight bridge) are available.
  • Compressor Capacity: KAESAR make compressor is avalable with capacity to supply the operating pressure 6-7 bars for pneumatic conveying / other applications.

Moulding Process controlled by our Sand Laboratory:

  • Our Mold and Core Shop sand laboratory conducts a variety of tests for resin bonded sand such as tensile test, LOI and grain size (AFS no.) to ensure quality.


  • Spectrometer with 36 elements with Nitrogen of Oxford instruments of Germany & Microscope, UTS machine 400 Ton.

Metal Cast:

  • Carbon steel, Low alloy steel, Corrosion resistant steel, Ni - hard, HI - Chrome alloy, Manganese steel casting & as per customer requirement.

Heat Treatment:

  • 2 ton/batch bogie heart oil fired furnace with automatic temp controller and recorder. Water quenching facility of 10000 litre capacity.

Pattern Making:

  • Manual Process: Well equipped pattern shop for wooden/metallic patterns.
  • Storage Capacity: Sufficient space of storage for more than 5000 patterns.


  • We have AutoCAST-X simulation software programme for checking feeding and solidification of casting.


  • Swing frame grinder - 2 Nos, Pedestal grinding - 2 Nos, Pneumatic chipper, Angle grinders, Pneumatic die grinders, 600 Amps welding transfromer - 2 Nos. 48'' Double door shot blasting.


  • 1220 tons per annum.
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